Quick Ice Trap Set Up

Introduction: Quick Ice Trap Set Up

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Good all purpose set-up

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Step 1: Trap Set Up

Load spool with a good quality braid. Thread a button on the braid. You want the button to fit the line so you can move it when needed. I will explain more in the next step. Now a swivel and some monofilament. Your call on the size. I use 20 pound test and change it out each start of the season. In deep water I will install a small weight to help the bait get to desired depth. Choose a hook size and your off

Step 2: Find Bottom

I use this store bought depth finder. But You can use anything you have oo hand. A sinker with a piece of surgical tube on the eye works well also. once you find the bottom take the button and slide it down the line about a foot so once you wind the line to the button you will always set it the same depth. You can adjust the depth but I hardly ever set for more than a foot off bottom.

Step 3: Choose Your Bait and Have Fun. I Always Use Shiners Thats What We Call Small Bait Fish Here. Good Luck and Good Fishing.

Fish on. small pickerel. my grandfathers seat is a must !!!!

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    5 years ago

    isn't that a pike in the last picture?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Actually called a chain pickerel in Massachusetts