Quick Mediterranean Pasta

Introduction: Quick Mediterranean Pasta

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I really had no idea what to call this dish, but it is consistently one of my favorites.  It's great hot or cold, and perfect for picnics!  It comes together in no time and is completely open to interpretation - add your favorite veggies, through in some protein, toss with a light dressing - it's all up to you!

There are no formal measurements in this dish - it's completely based on preference.  To make it, just toss together:

Cooked pasta
Steamed broccoli
Fresh tomatoes
Kalamata olives
Toasted pine nuts
Sauteeed garlic
Fresh mozarella
Grated parmesan 
Fresh lemon juice
Chopped basil
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

As you can see in the photos, this time we decided to saute the tomatoes and olives with the garlic, just to try something new!

To make it super easy, I like to steam the broccoli over the cooking pasta before tossing everything together. 

This is a super-fast, filling meal that I hope you will make your own!  How will you customize it?

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    I am totally making this for dinner tonight. I'm going to learn how to feed myself better by checking out your Instructables!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This looks delicious! I wouldn't have thought of steaming the broccoli over the pasta while it's cooking. :) Why have I never thought of this before? What an awesome time saver. Thanks!