Quick Pen BB Container

     This BB Container in particular holds about 25 BBs. The amount held can be more or less depending on the length and/or width of the pen. The BBs shown are the .177 kind. With that in mind some of the bigger BBs may not fit with standard pens.

     These could be held in your pocket when you have a BB rifle/pistol that does not have a built in magezine like the Crosman 1337 American Classic.

     These could also be used if you have BB gun "wars", acting as "supply stations" or carry-on ammo.

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Step 1: Materials

This is where this Instructable may surpass others with cost and time in mind. All you need is a pen and a pair of pliers. Simple!

Step 2: Taking Off the Tip

Simply take off the tip of the pen with the pliers.

Step 3: Battle-Ready the Container

All that is left to do is load up the BBs.

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    4 years ago

    Don't forget to put an the cap