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Introduction: Quick Release Trigger

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This is but a simple, yet highly effective quick release trigger assembly that can be built by anyone with some very basic tools and supplies. I Also included some CAD photos for a more clear view.

Before we succeed we must at least fail one time. This video shows the trigger in operation with too low tension applied. As you can see, the plastic-on-metal combination has too much friction, I would rather suggest using metal, or any other hard surface material.

This video shows the simple way in witch this trigger operates, but as seen in the other video, there is a min tension required to overcome some friction.




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    what about adding a locking hinge system on the trigger bar,
    so if it gets stuck you can unlock it and thus allowing it to continue to launch.

    just an idea

    i didn't see that there... whoops
    anyway that will prove useful

    I see in the first video that it doesn't quite work the way it was intended :P But it's a good idea .

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    Hi. The first video only demonstrates that there is a min force required to overcome the friction present, but luckily in most cases where this trigger can be used, the force is far greater that the friction force.