Quick Restaurant Tipping Guide

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Going out to eat, especially for brunch, is a fun and special treat, but at the end of the meal figuring out the tip can be a pain, especially if that coffee is still kicking in! Here is my quick guide for how to calculate a tip on the fly.

Step 1: Review Amount of Check

Often you don't have the itemized receipt (shown at right) after your card has been processed, so I am just going to go off the post tax amount. Technically you don't have to include tax in your tip calculations, but I always feel bad when I don't and without the itemized receipt that is hard to remove it.

Step 2: Move Decimal Point to the Left One Spot

This technique assumes you will be giving a 20% tip (+/-). Moving the decimal point to the left one spot gives you 10% of the total check.

Step 3: Multiply Times Two!

Now take your 10% amount and multiply times two to get 20% of the total.

Step 4: Round Up or Down Based on Service!

This is when you get to decide how you felt about the service. In my photo I got an even amount but often you don't so I usually add up or down based on how they were as a server, and sometimes even adding in extra if they were excellent.

Simple as 1-2-3-4 you have now quickly finished your check-out experience without the hemming and hawing, or retrieving your phone to use the calculator app!



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