Quick Scoping in Call of Duty Ghosts




Want to learn how to quick scope in Call of Duty Ghosts you've come to the right place.After this instructable you will know how to quick scope like a boss(well with practice of course).And this is my first instructable so any tips and feedback would be good.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Sensetivity

Sensitivity is the speed of how fast you would look around in the game.So the higher the sensitivity the faster you will look around the lower the sensitivity the slower you look around.with quick scoping your going to want to choose a sensitivity between 4 to 12.But it might be better if you practice at lower sensitivities and move up to faster ones and find the best one for you.

Step 2: Reaction Time

Reaction time is how fast you would react to something.like say someone goes up a ladder and you shoot him before he shoots you.and sometimes you might be confused be cause when you react to something your brain sends a signal to your hands and it happens so fast.

Step 3: Being Ready

Being ready is a important step because being ready allows you to be able to just pull up the gun and trigger and shoot without you messing up.So if your not ready then reaction won't work as well an you won't win most gunfights.

Step 4: Making a Class

You going to need to make a class for the sniper. the class I use is a L115 with armor piecing and chrome.the perks I use are ready up,on the go,QuickDraw,resilience and I use these one just as extras hardline and ping and that's the class I use.Remember you can change this up or even make your own but make sure it fits your style.

Step 5: Recap

Remember be ready and be alert of noises.Since snipers don't have the cross hairs your going to have to imagine it or put something there.Find your sensitivity.And practice.

Step 6: Ending

Please send feedback and practice a lot to get good.i hope this instructable will one one I the places in the teach it contest till next time bye.

Step 7:

Oh and please vote this instructable for the teach it contest thank you so much



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    4 years ago

    Your sp right it it my first time and they were supposed to be tips but it didn't say that but you are right thank you you should look at my other stuff


    This is supposed to be about quick scoping but I didn't actually see any instructions on how to do that. Some constructive criticism: You may want to check your spelling and your grammar, the photos are blurry and of little context. But keep practicing!


    4 years ago

    I'm sorry guys it's just all I got right now but if I get one of those dremal in the dremal contest I'll start making wood stuff like cases or benches or just common stuff made from wood.but I'm probably not even get on any of the places