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Introduction: Quick Screwdriver Identification

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This is something I should have thought of years ago... After we were married, my wife bought me a set of Husky screwdrivers.  The flat blades had red handles and the philips had black.  For many, many years, like any red-blooded guy, I've never thrown away a screwdriver.  I have dozens of each type, plus a plethora of others that come with multiple blades.  Whenever I'm looking for a driver on the rack or in a drawer, I always have a tendency to look for red or black handles... Since I know which type of blade I need, it's easy to spot the driver and I only have to choose the size.  Sometimes my wife's set isn't around and I have to sort through a bunch of drivers to find the right tip.

Tonight, I painted all my drivers, with the exception of my grandfather's wood handled ones, red and black.  Tomorrow, I'll line them all up and add a couple of coats of clear to help protect the color.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You could wrap colored tape on the metal shafts on your grandfather's wood handled drivers.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you sir. Sometimes I stay up too late and the mind doesn't shut off. :)