Quick Skills #6: How to Tie the Marlinspike Hitch




Introduction: Quick Skills #6: How to Tie the Marlinspike Hitch

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Hi Instructables Community,

this week I present you a new part of the Quick skills series. This time I would like to show you the Marlinspike Hitch. This Instructable is kept rather short on purpose as I would like to build on this one with upcoming Instructables (e.g. how to use this knot to improvise a rope ladder and others).

Users of the Mobile App can use this link to get to the Video.

Please make sure you also check the last step for info on my monthly giveaway!

Cheers Alex

Step 1: Knot Info

ABoK Reference:#2030
Alternative names:Marlingspike Hitch, Marlinespike Hitch, Boat Knot
Main Purpose:This hitch is used mainly to temporarily attach a rod (or Marlinspike) or other grip to a rope to form a handle. With this handle it is easier to apply tension when tightening knots than without a handle.
Strengths:Simple and quickly to tie.
Weaknesses:It is a temporary hitch and is not stable unless it is loaded.
The hitch will capsize and jam when loading the working end instead of the standing part. When capsized it will form a noose knot.
Remarks:It is also possible to quickly improvise a rope ladder with this hitch which will be the subject of an upcoming Instructable.

Step 2: First Steps

In this example the standing end is at the top whilst the working end is pointing down.

  1. Place the rope over your intended handle.
  2. Create a loop as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Bight & Loop

  1. With the standing end form a bight and
  2. Tuck it through the loop.
  3. This forms another loop which is tightened around the handle.

Step 4: Tighten & Check

Tighten the knot and the result should look like the pictures above. The third picture shows a bottom view.

Note that when pulling on the rope from the working end the hitch will capsize and form a noose knot. It will very likely jam when heavy tension is applied.

Step 5: Monthly Giveaway

You can win a Let's Prep Outdoor MakeKit v2.0 including a 1-Year Instructables Pro Account. I will also send out stickers to the runner ups again!

All you have to do is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave me a comment at this video and include "I want to go out and make something!" & your Instructables username. The winner will be announced on Mar 31st 2016 1800hrs GMT on my FB, Twitter & Blog. (Only entries from the EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA & Canada are eligible to get the full package mailed (please understand that I pay for this myself), residents of other countries may only receive the Pro-Account).

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