Quick Start Guide: Print3d Mart

Introduction: Quick Start Guide: Print3d Mart

This is a simple but comprehensive guide for setting up your account to get you up and running on Print3d Mart!

Step 1: Sign Up and Create a Free Account

The very first thing you will need to do is create a free account. Go to Print3dmart.com/my-account/ to register.

In the register column, make sure to select "Sell Your Designs and/or Become a Builder". This will make sure you have full access to create 3D printed product listings, building service listings, and much more.

You will also have the option to select a unique store name. This will be your central store account where people can find all of your creative work!

Step 2: Fill Out Your Shipping and Billing Details

Be sure to first fill out your shipping and billing details first!

Step 3: Get to Know Your Dashboard

Next, navigate to your Dashboard. Below is a short description of each section:

A. This is your main navigation bar. You can use it to access everything you need in your seller account. This menu is also accessible at the top right of each page.

B. Here you'll find the total number of page views for your listings, total number of sales, and total revenue.

C. The Orders section will give you an quick overview of the status of your orders.

D. The Reviews section gives you a quick look into the status of your reviews for each product and building service.

E. The Sales graph gives the past 10 day graphical overview of the total sales for each day. This gives you a quick look into how your products are performing.

F. This gives you a quick look into how many products and building services you have listed as well as how many pending products you have.

Step 4: Update Your Store Information

Next, navigate to the settings tab. Here you'll find all the information needed to update your storefront banner, profile picture, social media links, and various other information. You also can set up how you would like to be paid. Currently you can set up to be paid either by Paypal or direct bank transfer.

Step 5: Orders Overview

Next, navigate to the orders tab. Here, we'll go over briefly how your orders will come in.

There are two types of orders: Product orders and Building Service orders. Below is a summary of each type of order.

Product Orders: These types of orders happen when someone either downloads your product design or they place an order with an available building service. You can differentiate these types of orders because it will say Product Purchase under Status/Type. You do not have to take action with these types of orders. But it's still a good idea to keep track of these.

Building Service Orders: These types of orders will show up when someone places an order for a product using your building service. Upon receiving the order, the Status/Type will show Processing. This let's you know that payment has been received and you are now processing the order to get the product made. You can click on the order number to view more details.

Order Details:

A. Overview: Here you'll find an overview of everything included in the order. This includes the building service, the product, the color for the 3D printed parts, as well as the total cost including shipping. You will also find the download link for all the 3D model files to make the product(remember, one of the great things about Print3d Mart is the ability to be a maker for anyone's designs). Below, you'll also find the assembly instructions, additional parts, and the shipping address of the customer.

B.General Details: You'll find the date the order was placed, status, and the customer email address here. Once you get the product made and shipped, you will want to change the status to COMPLETED. This will let the customer know their product is it's way.

C. Order Notes: You can include questions/comments for the customer here. The history of the order including when it was changed to completed will show up here as well.

Step 6: Get Paid!

Here comes the fun part! Whenever you receive an order and get paid, you will see your account reflect this. Once you have over $1 in your account, you are able to request a transfer(either via Paypal or direct bank transfer) whenever you wish. Usually it will take 12-24 hours to see your money show up and get approved.

Step 7: Upload Your First Design and Building Service

Congratulations, hopefully by now your ready to dig in and start sharing and selling your ideas! The only thing left is to upload your designs and start making money! Below you'll find two Instructables with how to upload your first Product Design and Listing a Building Service. So let's get started!

Quick Start: Uploading your first Product Design on Print3d Mart(Coming Soon!!)

Quick Start: Listing your first Building Service on Print3d Mart(Coming Soon!!)

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