Quick Tip #1 - Quick Bike Headlight Holders




Quick tip 1) A Quick and easy Bicycle Headlight holders.

Use Hair ties or an O-ring as a quick and easy as well as inexpesive way to add head lights to your Bicycle.

You can mount inexpesive or expensive mini flash lights in either a top mount or bottom mount fashion.
Using any of the folllowing:

Hair Ties - use medium - 1/8 or so or even decrative Hair ties in this fashion to add some flair to your holder.

Regular Hair ties like the one shown in the below image cost around $1.50 a 20 pack at the time of this writting.
Hair ties however, do not last very long before needing replacing. The rubber inside breaks down and they strech out.

Besure to use two hair ties per light incase one breaks.

O-rings - for either of the below lights i used 2 1/2 inch I.D. 1/8 inch standard O-rings. again using two incase one breaks.

Rubber Snorkle keeper - Rubber Snorkle keepers are the perfect size for many mini flash lights and come in a variety of colors to match or add accents of color to your bike and attach easily using the same method. It's easier than trying to stretch it over the head of the flash light on some models so start as the rear or base of the flash light when attaching them to the flash light.

Twine - Yes you can use string or twine in this same fashion just add more wraps and tie it off
- great for attaching lights to a Bamboo bike or Bent plywood bikes.

Step 1: Attaching

Attaching the light ot your bike handle bars is easy.

Simple deside whether you want a top mount or bottom mount.

Postion the light above the handle bar for top mounted lights and
below the handle bar for bottom mount with the mounting material of choice in front of the handle bar.

As seen in the below image start at postion 1 and stretch the material up and over the handle bar (postiion 2)and
finally over the end of the flashlight (Postion 3)

Adjust the position of the flash light. (postion 4)
your done!

For top mounted lights follow the same - just go under the handle bar and over the flash light end.
Adjust and your done!

Step 2: Additional Note for Round Flash Lights

For round or nerled metal fashlights - to prevent slipping and protect the paint of both your bike and flash light.

Add a small piece of the fuzzy side of velcro to the flash light.

postion the velcro between the flash light and handle bar when mounting.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I made use of your idea with the hair ties only I cut a few slices of an old bike innertube made for 2.25" tires and put 2 of them on and it holds the light nice and tight. Wish I had a cmera to send a picture!

    Silicone wristbands also work well for this, and they last a lot longer than rubber will, especially in summer heat.

    1 reply

    Great Tip!

    Unfortunately for me, though they lasted 4 months on the bike shown, once i put my Red Line lights on my Electric they were stolen a few days later.

    Now i just have some cheapy flash lights. - Sure do miss my Red lines as they were perfect for head lights.

    BTW - since this post - Red line flash lights came out with one that has the mounting attachment with it for mounting on your handle bars.

    again thanx for the tip. You might want to try the silicone snorkle keepers i mentioned - they have the perfect size hole for some LED flashlights.