Quick Way to Tie Your Shoes


Step 1:

Step 2:

Make a loop with each of the laces

Step 3:

Twist them both

Step 4:

Look at the pic

Do this

Step 5:

Grab each loop and pull

Step 6:

Pull tighter than that

Step 7:

My shout out today is aqua 12

MY NEW NAME IS MONKEY RIVER. I forgot the password for LIZZY MONKEY so I will not be doing anything on that channel I will carry in with this channel.

My second shout out is dollypops123



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    3 Discussions

    monkey river

    5 years ago

    Ecspecially cos u looked at my page

    monkey river

    5 years ago

    I will sure give you a shout out in my next instructable.

    -monkey eiver