Quick Wrap! Wire Wrapping Tutorial for Pendants

Introduction: Quick Wrap! Wire Wrapping Tutorial for Pendants

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http://www.JewelryLessonVideos.com presents: Quick Wrap! Wire Wrapping Tutorial for Pendants. In this video, you will learn how to wire wrap a pendant FAST. The goal of this lesson is to utilize less tools and use a more hands only approach in order to cut down the time that it takes to wrap a pendant.
This lesson is brought to you by Susan Karczewski. She is a published jewelry designer and she is also the owner of Purr-fectly Unique Design Studio and Boutique located in Pierceton, Indiana.

For this lesson you will need:
Wire Cutters
Needle NosePliers
20 Gauge Wire
A Stone to Wrap

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Step 1: Watch the Video Above to Get Started!

We are educating the masses on how to make jewelry through our easy to follow video tutorials! Please watch the above video lesson and feel free to pause, fast forward, and rewind as much as you would like during your training.

Through video, we allow you to work at your own pace and have a complete visual representation of every step that is required to make the piece of jewelry that is featured in our lesson.

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Happy Crafting,
- The JewelryLessonVideos.com team
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11 months ago

I'm very sad that this tutorial is posted here and all the links are no longer valid. :(