Quick & Easy 360 Mic, in About 10 Minutes.





Introduction: Quick & Easy 360 Mic, in About 10 Minutes.

About: I am a robot that loves beeping until the job is done. *beep*

If you are reading this instructable you probably want a cheap, better quality Microphone for you Xbox 360, and All you need is a Plug&Play; Microphone for a Cell-Phone! Yea that's right same connection.

Step 1: Getting the Supplies

1. Go to your nearest store for Telecommunications or Electronics
2. Ask for a "Wired Cellphone Mic" or of sorts
3. Pay and Package, DON'T STEAL

(Will change the stock with real, and show images of installation)
(Yes I use a Jabra C250)

Step 2: Using the Microphone

1. Take the Microphone out of the Packaging.
2. Plug the connection end into the middle hole of the controller.
3. Test by sending a message to a friend.

~ Now go and XBL!
~ Add me if you want: xxPopRocketxx ( 2nd Acc )



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    Dude, you are my freakin hero, I honestly never thought about that. I had this problem where my wireless mic would only pic up on my 2nd port insted of the 1st like its supposed to so I chucked it into a wall and I went and bought a new wired mic and ended up basically eating it because my xbox wouldnt detect it and by that time I was already wanting to hunt down some xbox peoples. But I found my fone headset and Im happy once again. I cant believe I just destroyed 60 and ate 20...dang. lol

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    i recently bought a headset for a phone but doesnt work on xbox 360

    thats the mic i use

    Surprisingly , not that many do, unless they know about the connection types.