Quick and Dirty Chalkboard

Introduction: Quick and Dirty Chalkboard

Create a quick and easy chalkboard for any room in the house. It's simple! Follow my steps and you too can build one!

Step 1: Find Your Canvas

Find the ideal spot depending on the desired size of your chalkboard. Here I am using a wall in my transformed mud room above the shoe cubby. The size of the chalkboard that I am looking to build here is 4 feet by 3 feet tall.

Step 2: Gather the Tools and Materials Required.

It's a short list of materials, but here is the equipment that I used.
  1. Chalkboard Paint. Most chalkboard paint that are applied to metal and wood will suffice for applying on to painted surfaces
  2. 2 12 Foot Moulding. I choose white moulding to save me some time in painting
  3. Paint Brush. A 2 inch nylon brush works well. Makes it easier to clean and use for second coat.
  4. 1 1/4" Finish Nails. The moldings aren't that heavy so no need to buy larger nails.
  5. Tools. Measuring Tape, Level, Hammer, Box Saw (Miter Saw)
  6. Plastic Bag. Use the plastic bag as a quick and cheap alternative to paint clothes.
  7. Brush and Dust Pan. The cleanup is the most important part

Step 3: Center and Measure the Space

  1. Designate your center. Here I am using the clock as my center line. This will also indicate the top of my canvas
  2. Mark with a pencil your center line
  3. Measure 2 feet from the left and right of the center line mark with pencil
  4. From the outer marking measure 3 feet down to establish canvas height and mark
  5. At the bottom 3 feet marking begin to measure the bottom center line
  6. Then repeat steps 2 and 3
  7. Use your moulding as a straight edge making sure it's level. Now outline your canvas

Step 4: Paint and Cut

  1. Fill in the newly created square with chalkboard paint
  2. Let paint dry and apply second coat
  3. Cut each piece of moulding using a Box saw to the designated size. In my case it's 4 feet for top and bottom portions and 3 feet for left and right sides

Step 5: Framing

Once the your second coat has fully dried and your molding has been cut it's time to start framing your chalkboard.

  1. Align and level your top moulding within the outer marking that were designated
  2. Secure the top moulding with 1 1/4" finish nails
  3. Do the same for side and bottom moldings

Step 6: The Finished Product

Project complete!

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