Quick and Dirty Hack: Magnetic Camera Mount

This is a free/cheap way to make a fully adjustable, rock solid camera base, that we can clamp to cars, equipment, lamp post; anything magnetic. We'll re-purpose a common workshop tool using a simple adapter made from a bolt. Best of all it can be locked in any orientation!

Step 1: Gather Your Parts

I've added a 3 minute vid, you can click to follow along as we go through the Instructable steps!

For this Instructable you will require the following parts:

-Magnetic base from a dial indicator. This is a common workshop device and can be purchased for around 15 dollars from a discount tool store.

-1/4 NC -20 TPI bolt and nut


You'll need some tools:

-a hacksaw

-a vise or clamping pliers

Step 2: Fabrication and Assembly of the Camera Adapter

1- Cut the head off the 1/4" NC bolt. This is a very common bolt size in the US and Canada. It is the standard thread of the hole in camera bases.

2- Thread the nut onto the bolt.

3- Crush the threads of the bolt 1/2" from the end.

4- Run the nut up the threads until it locks on the damaged threads.

5- Wrap the bolt in tape until it is the correct diameter to fit snugly in the clamp of the adjustable magnetic base.

6- Thread the bolt snugly into the base of the camera.

Step 3: Useage

This is a very sturdy base for most video cameras and point and shoots. Depending on the holding strength of the magnet, it may be suitable for DSLRs but be careful!

This base is especially useful in tight quarters, because there is no tripod to trip over. It's also great for clamping to machinery and vehicles. Be sure and put cello tape on the base of the magnet so you don't scratch the car's paint.

Click on the thumbnails to see space age GIF animation of the mag base in action!



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