Quick and Dirty Phone Mount for Video Capture 30 Minutes or Less



Introduction: Quick and Dirty Phone Mount for Video Capture 30 Minutes or Less

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"The Quick and Dirty Phone Camera Mount"

First off let me say this is "NOT" a master tutorial on how to make a pretty shiny mount, I needed a mount to hold my phone to video capture other instructables that I'm working on. Why not use my digital camera, short simple answer is my android phone has a direct to to YouTube feature that makes for quick uploads. A simple and quick helping hand!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


A couple of peices of wood (wider and thicker than your phone)
Nut (one that fits your tripod bolt)

Tools used:
(Keep in mind that any alternate hand tools can do the same job)

Drill press
Forstner Bit (larger than the nut)
Drill bit (slightly larger than the tripod bolt)
Drill with countersink and driver bits
Router or saw
Crosscut saw

As for cost mostly it was just scraps laying around, however if you had to purchase the materials it would probably be a couple of dollars.

Step 2: Trace and Clamp

Trace your phone and clamp it to you work space

Step 3: Use a Router and Make the Cut

Straight bit, cut as deep as the phones thickness, had to change clamps in the middle the quick clamp kept allowing the board to move.

Alternatively you could cut and use 2 thin strips of wood and sandwich them between the two larger pieces instead of using a router.

Step 4: Drill and Attach

Take a forstner bit larger than the outer diameter of you outside nut, "MAKE SURE YOU DON"T DRILL ALL THE WAY THROUGH" in fact leave just enough wood that your tripod post bolt will pass through it after final drill. Next replace the bit with one slightly larger than the bolt and final drill all the way through as you can see in the pics. Take the bolt that matches your post and mount the stand

Tip: Forstner Bit is a nice addition if you have one however a larger drill bit would do the same job on this particular project.

Step 5: Finally Screw It All Together

Finally cut an addition piece slightly smaller that the piece you have routed out to create a lip to hold your phone in place and pilot drill everything screw it all together. You now have a quick third hand that swivels and tilts to start filming your instructable.

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