Quick and Easy Backpack



Introduction: Quick and Easy Backpack

quick to do an emergency

but very convenient anytime

just take a rope big enouth to not to sew your shoulder..

Step 1: Pillow Case + Bottle Cap

take a pillow case , rectangular works better here

put something in the corner at the bottom, i took a piece of paper and made a ball, a good solution is a bootle cap in cork

Step 2: Piece of Paracord or Whatever Rope Ya Want

make knots:

for the bottom side noeud coulant / slipknot

that will hold the ball/cap through the fabrik

on top,bring the fabrik together and pass it into a noeud de cabestant / clove hitch

work a little to have the good length on the both side

et voila

you can although keep an extra length of rope to pass as a belt , that hol on other side with a bowline knot on the 'ball'

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