Quick and Easy Bottle Makeover.




Introduction: Quick and Easy Bottle Makeover.


This is a super easy way to convert ANY glass bottle into a beautiful decorative vase. Great for any holiday or as a staple peice for any home and/or office.

What you will need:
-Glass bottle 
-School Glue
-Pile of cut and/or ripped news paper, news print, tissue paper...etc. 
(I found that news print works perfect, its thin but sturdy enough and adheres and molds to the glass perfectly.) 
-Paint brush, roughly 2" wide.
-News paper or cardboard for work surface

Lets get started!

Tear as much of the lable(s) off your glass bottle as possible. Creating the smoothest surface works best and helps the paper adhere even better.

Make sure your glass bottle is thoroughly clean, inside and out, and completely dry before starting.

Now the fun part!

Cut or rip about 1-2" by 4-5" peices of paper of your choice. (Size of bottle can depend on the size of strips you choose to use) 

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Step 1:

Take a single strip and squeeze a line of glue from end to end and with your brush gently brush the glue covering the entire surface of your strip. 

Carefully, pull the strip off from your working surface and apply it to the bottle, anywhere you want!

Very gently smooth the strip onto the glass surface, repeat this until the entire bottle is covered. 

You can be as organized or disorganized with this process as you'd like. I personally feel the more random the strips fall, the better! 

Step 2:

Once you've finished you can leave the bottle as is (I tied a piece of twine around the neck of mine) or continue to paint or decorate your new surface in any way your heart desires!

Turn this into a great project for children during those long holiday days/weekends! 

This project is practically fool proof and the limits are endless! 

Step 3:

Never forget to express yourself and keep inspiring the world to create and imagine.

Please post your finished work! I would love to see them!

Thanks guys! 

Bye for now!

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    4 years ago

    Very nice, I think I will try it with colored paper. I'll come back and post a pic when I do it. Thank you for the inspiration!