Quick and Easy DIY Paper Feathers

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Make fabulous construction paper feathers

I first encountered paper feathers made of old book pages and I thought it was a great idea. But tearing out pages from a book makes me uncomfortable. So, I started thinking of alternative papers and other ways to use the feathers. A little research turned up gift tags, decorations, wall art and place cards; it was all I needed.

I tend to sidestep time-consuming projects because I love fast creative results. With quick and easy being the focus, here’s the fastest way I know to make paper feathers.

Step 1: Cut And/or Fold Paper

Cut a piece of paper in a rectangle about the size of the feather you desire; if using multiple layers, cut or fold and glue together; let dry.

Step 2: For Symmetrical Feathers

For symmetrical feathers, fold paper in half and use scissors to cut out desired feather shape. Alternately, cut out your feather shape with edge scissors.

Step 3: Asymmetrical Feathers

To create asymmetrical feathers; fold paper slightly off center; cut out and shape sides separately. To form irregular edges, cut out portions of paper at uneven intervals on both sides of feather.

Step 4: Unfold and Slice

Unfold and use scissors to cut diagonal slices toward fold line.

Step 5: To Hang Feathers

Near the bottom of feather at center, make a loop by piercing threaded needle through from one side to other; and again, through to opposite side. Pull thread through until it lies flat; bring both ends together and tie a knot.


If your feathers are going to be place cards, feel free use one sheet of whatever paper you have on hand. One layer of cardstock or similar weight paper would be suitable. Make shorter cuts from edges toward fold line, if you plan to write in the middle of your feather.

Note: Using edge scissors to cut feathers can work as a guide to making uniform slices; that imitate a feathered look. Edge scissors work better on stiffer papers even when they are brand new.

Given the size of feathers; you’ll find using a glue stick to fuse papers takes up minimal time.

Two to three layers of construction paper makes a firm feather. It's a good choice because it’s easily accessible and cost little.

I hope you are inspired to make your own beautiful paper feathers.

For more on DIY paper feathers, visit http://allmywaysandrea.com

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