Quick and Easy FPV Mini RC Car Racing

Introduction: Quick and Easy FPV Mini RC Car Racing

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I have a couple of WLToys K979 cars and I wanted to try out indoor mini FPV racing. With the proliferation of cheap All In One (AIO) cameras and transmitters it was pretty easy to get it setup. Here's what you need:

RC Car (I'm using WLToys K979) $55

FPV Transmitter (WolfWhoop WT05) $17

Case for camera or just glue it on

Battery for camera (any 1s LIPO will do)

Rubber band (to mount camera to car)

The AIO camera makes it simple. It has the camera and transmitter in one unit. They run on 1s Lipos that you probably have tons of laying around. You just need to mount the AIO Camera on the car and power it. Choose your favorite FPV goggles or screen and its off to the races.

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Step 1: 3D Printed Camera Holder

I wanted to mount the WT05 camera on top of the car but didn't want to have to glue it on directly. I also wanted it to have some protection and be easily removed. TinkerCad is an online 3D modeling editor. I used it to make a box for the WT05. It took a couple of tries because I forgot things like a rear slot for the wire but all in all it was pretty quick. You can see what the box looks like in TinkerCad and the final result. You can download the box and print it or you could just glue the camera straight on.


Step 2: Camera Battery Mount

The WT05 takes 3.3 -5V. Thats a 1s battery. I'm using the same Lipos I fly my Inductrix FPV with. I didn't want to add velcro onto the battery because that would make it hard to mound on the quad. So, I improvised and came up with a rubber band battery holder.

I drilled two holes in the back of the car. Thread the rubber band through and taped the rubber the on the inside of the car body. To mount the battery you just slip it through the rubber band.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Now you just need to do final assembly. Glue the 3D printed box on top of the car and slide in the camera. Mount your 1S batter through the rubber band. Connect the 1S battery to the camera. Now you ready to race!

The WT05 seems ok but I'm not impressed with the range. I can't drive into another room in the house without loosing visual.

The 1S battery holds up pretty well powering the camera. I'm getting about 20 minutes. You can see video of me driving below.

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