Quick and Easy Notepads

What you need

Paper: choose a color light enough to allow notes written on it to be read easily, and also make sure it’s big enough in size to allow sufficient note-taking room even after you’ve stamped your design on it. The sample shown here is a nice bright summer yellow cardstock cut to 4” x 8”.

Rubber Stamp: I like to use simple graphic image stamps, usually line drawings, which allow you to color the image in after stamping. The stamp used here is Flip Flops from Purple Sky Ltd.

Ink or markers: I used a black stamp pad and red and blue colored markers.


Step 1: Paper Size

If you haven’t already done so, cut your paper to desired size.

Step 2: Placement

Choose stamp placement. Play around with it! Some images look better centered at the top or at the bottom; others look great stamped in a corner.

Step 3: Ink and Stamp

You can ink different pieces of your stamp in different colors by using markers, or ink a line drawn image in black and then add color to the image after it’s been stamped, like I did in this sample.

Add color, if desired, with markers or colored pencils. (In this sample I also added the phrase “relax” under the image with a black pen.)

Step 4: One More Step...

Tie with a ribbon, and you’re done! A great, easy gift for a summer get-together...or any other special occasion.



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