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My daughter Jazzy loves french fries! But not just any french fries; you can always tell the ones she doesn't like by the mound of ketchup on her plate. Over the years I've tried many methods to make a perfect french fry and I've gotten really elaborate with some of my attempts. However the simplest methods always seem to be the best! I've been asked by a lot of guests how I make such great fries when I cook my grilled steak and soul fries dinner, my only answer is you've got to add a little soul!

Rick's Quick and Easy Soul Fries!

Step 1: What You'll Need

I don't like to spend a lot of time cutting up potatoes and I could go out and give it a french fry cutter, but I found a quick and easy tool that was already lying around the kitchen.


Potatoes (I've found the red russet kind have the best taste)
Apple cutter (If you don't have one already there fairly cheap anywhere, I think I this one is from Wal-mart)
Cutting board
Canola oil
(or any kind of serving tray to dump the fries in)
Paper towels (or in a pinch a couple of brown lunch bags work well too)
Marcum's Soul Seasoning (you can get this at almost any food chain store)

Step 2: Apple Cutter?

An apple cutter is a handy little tool to have around, since we eat a lot of apples it just made sense to buy one! And now I've found another use for this cheap little kitchen tool.

Tip: Now would be a good time to plug-in your fryer and start getting the oil hot

Step 1: Rinse the potatoes under cool water to wash any impurities away
Step 2: Get out your cutting board and your apple cutter
Step 3: Standard potato up on its end in place the apple cutter on the top
Step 4: Push down quickly to slice the potato
Step 5: Slice up enough potatoes to feed your group

Step 3: The Final Cut!

You could go ahead and drop them in the fryer like this however the thicker the potato is the longer it takes to fry. So I like to cut them down the center to make the fries a little thinner and easier to cook.

Step 6: Sharpen your knife and layout several of the thick wedges to be cut
Step 7: Cut the potato wedge down the center

Once you've cut the wedges in half, all you should be left with is a core's

Step 8: Cut each of the cores and half and then cut the halves and half (basically just quarter the core's

Step 4: Fry It Up and Add a Little Soul!

Now that the potatoes are cut and the fryer should be nice and hot it's time to get cooking!

Step 9: Dump your fries into the fry basket
Step 10: lower the basket in the oil (Tip: be careful the water and the potatoes makes the oil fry up big)

Let the fries cook until they start floating to the top in the oil

Step 11: Lift and drain the basket from the oil and pour into serving basket lined with paper towels
Step 12: while the fries are still glistening from the oil take the sole seasoning and lightly dust to fries then shake and re-dust till you have a nice light covering

That's it see how quick and simple it is. Altogether if you're quick with a knife you should be able to fry up a batch in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. Now if you've planned your meal right you should have had a grill fired up, the steaks marinated, and while the fries were cooking so were the steaks. Now it's just time to sit back pop the cork on a nice Chianti and listen to the rave reviews you'll be getting from your amazing fries!



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6 years ago

Yum this looks so good I'm trying it right now !!! :)

this sounds wonderful; what grocery chains do you have where you found the soul seasoning? we have walmart kroger brookshires HEB albertsons. our affiliated did not carry it :(

4 replies

We have Walmart and Krogers as well, I can't remember exactly where I picked it up but I imagine it would be one of those two. Then again now that I think about it might have been Rempkee's too. The taste is phenomenal, Here's some possibilities I found online:



thank you so much! I tried my apple corer (pampered chef) and that was really cool & fast! I recommend cutting a slice off the end and standing it up on that end to make it easier. Once I got the apple corer stuck in the top of the potato, I bounced it down on the cutting board, worked great!! much faster too than cutting it all up by hand. Just wish I'd had some of the soul seasoning to try- I will get it from amazon thanks for looking that up. I enjoyed your steak technique as well, my daughter loves Dale's. I am going to try it again, it seemed like soy sauce to me, but I want to try that again.

The Dale's is salty like soy, but it's so good it's to hard to say no, my daughter loves it as well. My wife bought me a french fry cutter and it lasted about 3 times the apple corer works so much better, and cutting the end off is a great idea to make it easier, thanks for the tip.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Yes but be extremely careful flare up from oil boiling over can set your kitchen on fire if your not careful, a fryer is fairly cheap a small one can be for only 20 or 30 dollars.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

I meant a double-dip in the hot oil - my mother used to cook them first in slightly cooler oil, lift them out, get the oil a lot hotter and then dip them back in to gain a crispier shell.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

My bad,, No I've never tried that, I usually just drop them in super hot oil and let them cook, I've tried the cool water and salt over night, and different types of oils. we are not crazy about overly crispy fries, this gives the fries a light crispy coating outside and really soft on the inside. The seasoning gets drawn in by the hot oil leaves a very unique taste.

They're were delicious that night, It's got a easy kick that lights up the taste buds. The only down side is they taste so good you can't stop eating them!