Quick and Easy Text Effect in GIMP

Hi Everyone, In this video I'm gonna show you How to get text effect in most quickest way possible in GIMP

Note: GIMP is an free Alternative for Photoshop. Hence you can try this same method in Photoshop as well.


1. Open GIMP

2. Drag and Drop the Subject Image

3. Remove Background

4. Add a Black Background Layer

5. Move Background Layer below the Subject Layer

6. Duplicate the Background layer and Move above the Subject layer

7. Hide the Top Layer and make the Subject Layer Active

8. Grab Text Tool

9. Click and Drag the Text Box to fill the Complete Canvas

10. Select the Impact Condensed Font or any other your favorite fonts

11. Make sure your font size is small

12. Change the Font Color to White

13. Make the gap between the line = -3 Make the gap between the letters = -2

14. Now Write Down the Text inside the Text Box until it is completely filled

15. Now hide the Text layer

16. Make the Subject Layer Active and Desaturate it

17. Increase the Contrast of the Image using Levels

18. Now Make the Top Layer Visible

19. Make the Text Layer Active and do Alpha to Selection on that layer

20. Make the Top Layer Active and Press Delete on your Keyboard

21. Select None

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