Quick and Easy Tile and Grout Cleaning




Introduction: Quick and Easy Tile and Grout Cleaning

This is my quick and easy way to clean grout and tile. I'll cover what the tool was that I created and how/why it worked out in the next few steps.

Step 1: The Tile and Grout Gadget

It had been about 2 years since I gave my shower a truly thorough tile and grout cleaning. I wanted to speed up the process as this is typically very labor intensive.

DAWN recently released a small circular scrub brush for dishes. Conveniently the white scrubber base easily twists off the soap dispensing unit.

Using a 2" carriage bolt, nut and washer I had from other projects I was able to combine these with the scrubber brush that could be put into my portable drill. Total construction time was 3 minutes. Approximate cost - $4.00

Step 2: Cleaning and Gadget Effectiveness

As you can tell from a couple of the pictures. The coloration shown was in various places all throughout the shower. While I did buy and used the scrubbing bubbles, arguably the Dawn Soap and Vinegar mixture was probably more effective. The Dawn and Vinegar solution was mixed up in a mason jar.

To use it, the scrub brush attached to the drill would be dipped in the solution and ran down the grout line. This was repeated with every grout line in the shower. This method gave me the most effective cleaning.

In the end the shower looked about 3 shades brighter. I call this method a win. With about an hour worth of carefully covering all the grout lines and tiles, the shower was like new. Good luck and happy cleaning.

Learnings along the way:

- Depending on how thorough you want to be with your cleaning, have a 2nd drill battery available just in case your first one dies

- Be aware of the direction the brush is turning so that you keep the foaming soap mixture in the shower

- Don't use a corded power drill. I thought it might go quicker using one and it resulted in a lesser control of the brush head and immediately would throw any soap mixture off resulting in a lesser quality cleaning.

- Corners can be a little tricky, just push down on the brush more to ensure the bristles have the chance to reach



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    7 Discussions

    The idea was excellent, and I like it but can it clean entirely? Means what if some solid stain on tiles can make it clean completely too?

    I used a 1:1 ratio of vinegar to Dawn and your brush idea and it worked great. Do you think a higher vinegar ratio would work even better?

    1 reply

    I always am using a higher ratio of 1:8 Dawn to Vinegar. It may not work better or worse as I haven't really tested it but the 1:1 ratio would be too thick for my liking. Glad to hear it worked well for you.


    1 year ago

    What is your ratio of vinegar to soap recipe?

    I'm going to try this on selected kitchen counter grout lines using an electric toothbrush motor and old toothbrush head.

    1 reply

    I use about 1-2 ounces of Dawn for every 16 ounces of Vinegar. When shaken up to mix, it should be a milky sky blue.

    I have really got to try this, I have been putting off cleaning my grout for far too long.

    i'll try this at home. though this brush tool is not available in my country, i can probably a doppelganger.

    by the way, i can't help thinking of "I AM GROUT!" (sorry XD)