Quick and Easy! Use Ink and an Embossing Folder to Create a Letterpress Look!

Introduction: Quick and Easy! Use Ink and an Embossing Folder to Create a Letterpress Look!

About: My name is Melissa Mueller and I have always enjoyed being creative or at least as far back as I can remember. I remember loving paste. I loved creating with it, the feel of its little applicator on the pape...

In addition to the picture instructions below, I have also uploaded a video above for those of you that prefer videos versus picture tutorials above.

I love to create - I have since I was little. Truthfully, I am still wondering where paste went and I think we should start a movement to bring it back! At any rate, I love to create things that are easy to do but look as if they took a lot of technique, time and energy to make. This is one of those projects. Have you heard of a letterpress? A letter press is something that many printers use to create an embossed (indented or poked out) look along with a color of design. I love the look but I CERTAINLY can't afford to buy an industrial machine to create items like this so what is one to do.. Here is the solution! Use your manual embossing machine to create the same look with the same effect but a much less expensive cost! I'm using an embossing folder to add dimension and ink to bring the design of the dimension to life and make them "pop". This in itself makes it appear like it took multiple techniques and numerous hours to create and the great news - IT DIDN'T and YOU can do it too! Are you ready? Let's begin!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Well, today I am showing you a letterpress technique using an embossing folder and ink to create a faux letterpress look! The technique is really easy but it gives an appearance that truly looks as if you spent hours doing it. Best of all, I not only have a video here for you but I also have a pictorial for you to enjoy if that is the way you prefer to learn. Let’s get started!

Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. Punch of your choice
  2. Paper for sentiment
  3. String or Ribbon
  4. 3-D Foam Squares
  5. Adhesive
  6. Card for base of creation
  7. Paper for embossing (best if cut to fit the correct size you want for your creation to avoid having to cut it later)
  8. Manual Die Cut Machine & Platforms/Accessories
  9. Embossing folder
  10. Ink for embossing folder (I used Tim Holtz’s distressed ink to get that look. It gives a distress look by design so it is not a clear, crisp stamped image.)
  11. Block for stamp sentiment
  12. Stamp sentiment
  13. Ink for sentiment (Yes, I do use two different inks for the effect I am looking for. The sentiment to be legible needs to be a crisp clean look whereas the distress ink doesn't give you the crisp look to be able to read the sentiment)
  14. Scissors in case you need to trim your ribbon or string after tying it on your punched out sentiment

Step 2: Ink Inside of Embossing Folder

To begin the letterpress technique, I used Tim Holtz distress ink. It really gives the worn distress feel by design and I thought it would be perfect for this sympathy card.

Step 3: Place Paper to Be Embossed on Top of the Inked Surface of the Embossing Folder

Make sure you place the side of paper you want to be inked onto the inked side of the embossing folder.

Step 4: Place the Paper in the Embossing Folder

Close the embossing folder and "sandwich" the embossing folder in between the two clear platforms. Place the "sandwich" on the top of the main platform. Run it through the manual die cut machine to emboss.

Step 5: Run Inked Folder With Paper Through the Machine

Run the paper through the manual die cut machine to emboss.

Step 6: The Result: the Embossed Letterpress Look

Take out the paper from the embossing folder to reveal the embossed letterpress looking result.

Step 7: Glue Your Letterpress Looking Paper to the Card

Glue your embossed "letterpress looking paper" onto the card.

Step 8: Place Sentiment on Stamp Block

Pick out your sentiment and place on acrylic block.

Step 9: Stamp Your Sentiment

Ink your stamp and stamp your sentiment

Step 10: Punch Out Your Sentiment

Use your desired punch and punch out your stamped sentiment. Using your punch facing you as in the picture allows perfect placement when punching out your sentiment.

Step 11: Add Decoration to Your Tag

Wrap string or ribbon around your tag for decoration.

Step 12: Adhere Foam Squares

Adhere foam squares to the back of the punched out sentiment

Step 13: Adhere Sentiment to Card

Adhere the punched out sentiment with decoration to the card.

Step 14: The Finished Creation

And there you have it! Your card creation using the ink and embossing folder letterpress technique!

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