Quick and Easy Way to Change Your Lock Screen in 6 Simple Steps (Windows 8-10)

Introduction: Quick and Easy Way to Change Your Lock Screen in 6 Simple Steps (Windows 8-10)

Want to change things up on your laptop or PC? Wanting a change in your atmosphere? Follow these quick and easy steps to successfully personalize your computer lock screen.

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Step 1: First Steps

Drag your mouse cursor towards the bottom right corner of your screen. A task bar/menu should slide into view.

Step 2: Select Settings

Once your pop-up menu appears, drag your cursor and select the settings Icon. (This icon will most likely resemble a gear, or wrench)

Step 3: Click "Change PC Settings".

Once your at the settings menu, click on "Change PC settings", which is located at the very bottom of the list.

Step 4: Click Lock Screen Tab

After that, your computer should have brought you to the main settings panel. Click on the lock screen image.

Step 5: Select a New Image.

Select a new lock screen image from the bar below your current image. If you don't have a pic that satisfies your taste, feel free to download a free one of the internet. Note: If you do download an image of the internet, you will find it in you lock screen settings by clicking the "Browse" button. Also, some downloads contain viruses, be careful with what you choose.

Step 6: Done.

Finished! Your lock screen should now have been changed to your personal preference.

Step 7:

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