Amazing and Easy to Do Card Trick (Once You Know the Secret)

Introduction: Amazing and Easy to Do Card Trick (Once You Know the Secret)

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This is a quick and easy card trick that can be mastered in minutes

Step 1: Prepping the Cards

Using your thump and Two hands bend the middle of the deck to cause a fold in the deck.

Step 2: Showing the Trick

You want to fan the cards out showing all are neatly presented with all cards face down.You then pickup a few cards and turn them over onto the stack of fanned cards.You keep repeating until you get to the end of the fan.With a little practice you can slam the cards down each time to make it seem they really are messed up.

Step 3: Bring the Cards Behind the Back

When you are finished bring the pile behind your back and pinch the deck which will create two halves .Insert your thumb and flip one half over to the other.This step should be done as fast as possible.

Step 4: Showing the End Result

Now that the cards have been "magically restored" bring them out and fan them across the table.

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