Quick and Easy to Make Camera Bike Mount!




Introduction: Quick and Easy to Make Camera Bike Mount!

So have you ever faced that issue where you've wanted to record a video while your bike but want both of your hands on the handle bars? me neither, but anyway i was bored one weekend and i have built one! The tools you will need will be a simple philips head screwdriver.  (Note: this is not a GoPro camera mount thingy so i don't recommend that you use it off road because thats not what i built it for)

The Cameras i am using to make this instuctable are:
Olympus Stylus-9000
Nikon COOLPIX E8700
(just incase anybody wants to know)

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Step 1: Get the Parts

The parts you will need are going to be:

1. a camera
2. a bike reflector mount (most likely you will have one on your bike)
3. 1/4" philips head screw which is 5/8" long
4. 3 Washers which are 1/2" in diameter (make sure that they fit over the screw first!)
5. a rubber washer (make sure its not to big but still fits snugly over the screw

(i found all these parts lying around in my garage so check there first before you go out buying things!)

Step 2: Put It Together

First put one of the washers over the screw,
then put the screw through one of the holes in the bike reflector mount upside-down.
After that, drop the last two washers over the screw and then add the rubber washer.

Step 3: Now the Most Important Piece

Mount your camera and install it on your bike. The video that it takes is pretty stable depending on your camera and the roads in your general area. and lastly Have Fun!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I just posted the same exact ible not 5 minutes ago. And entered it into the bicycle contest. Great minds think alike.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    oh wow! nice tutorial. I guess my version would be a little cheaper but ur version would be way more sturdier. ;]