Quick and Easy EasyUp Portable Tent Anchoring




Introduction: Quick and Easy EasyUp Portable Tent Anchoring

Final result pictured.

In Florida, we live by the EasyUP.....
Here is my EasyUp quick and easy anchoring system. Unlike typical string and stakes or string and some heavy anchoring material like a boat anchor, this one requires no string, no knots, minimal additional space and no added stress on your cloth shade.

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

  • An EasyUp tent. I recommend getting the name brand unit. They were the first and are the best quality.
  • A 4 Pack of mini clamps. These pictured were purchased at HomeDepot for just under $6
  • 4 buckets. I chose HomeDepot 5 gallon buckets because I was at the store already. Another great idea would be to get yours from Firehouse Subs. They sell their discarded pickle buckets to benefit local firefighters.

Step 2: Put It Together and Done

1. Fill the buckets with whatever you have: Water, sand, heavy junk, ice and drinks, drunk friends, etc.

2. Use the quick clamps to clamp onto the leg of your EasyUp and the bucket handle. Place the handle into the clamp and then clamp it to your EasyUp's leg. Clamp so that the excess clamp rail slide points towards the bucket as pictured so that it doesn't snag someone's leg as they walk by.

You can use the buckets to help carry your gear to your spot if your spot contains the anchor media you will use. Fill them when you get where you are setting up and dump them there too so that you are carrying them empty or using them to carry other items.

I really like the idea of filling with ice and drinks as well.

Step 3:

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    We had a problem with wind and used old paint buckets filled with bricks, (Dad saves everything) but we put duct tape on the lower parts of the poles (reversed) and used velcro tape to secure the bails. Really cheaped out but it worked, neighbors tent blew down but ours stayed put.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    If you are going somewhere where a water source may not be handy, use 5gallon jugs (or put the lids on your pails).. They will be heavy in the car/truck/van/bicycle but you will have the right weight and something to drink if it comes to that.

    You can also use a bunch of 1 gallon jugs if carrying is a thing.

    I use bungees or straps that I can adjust as well, instead of rope or clamps

    Great first effort!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Possible variations: Tie the handle to the leg of the EasyUp with paracord or other rope. Or just slide the leg through the handle of the bucket. (Probably wouldn't work as well, too much play.) Good idea mate!


    5 years ago

    great idea! I race radio control boats and cars, and there's not always soft ground to anchor into. I had this idea a while back but never had the chance to implement it, glad it works!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. This is my first Instructable. I have been lurking on here
    for a long time and finally had something to contribute.