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Introduction: Quick and Easy Photo Wall

So I had this empty wall on my hallway which was not really nice to see every single time when entering my flat. Due to the fact that I had tons of pictures on my laptop from my friends and family which I only randomly click through when I am really bored, but anybody else can see them, I cam up with the idea to hang some of them up to this empty piece of wall in my flat. But buying frames for all of them would have been to expensive and I somehow did no like the idea of framing all those pictures. So this is what I did instead... :)

Step 1: What You Need

- photo papper
- scissors
- nails
- hammer
- small pegs
- some fancy cord

Step 2: Attaching the Strings

Drive a nail into the wall on one side and attach one end of the string to it. The best way to do so would be by using a clove hitch, i had some really good expierences with this knot in this project. This is an very easy knot you can learn in a minute by looking at the pictures below. Basically you just need to make two loops, one with the end of the cord in the front and one with the other end in the back. Then you move the loop with the end in the back over the other loop. Now you can hang it over the nail and tighten the loops. Do this also on the other side of the wall and attach the string to this nail to. Please ensure that the string is tight before making the next knot. I did it a little bit inclined which looks better in my opinion and its much easier because so you do not need to make any measurements at all. ;)

Step 3: Adding Some Photos

Now you can hang up your photos by clipping it to the cord by some pegs. Just as easy as doing your laundry. ;)

Step 4: Finished, But Still Growing...

I am still adding some more pictures, but I need to print them out first...
Sometimes I also use it to attach some notes to the strings to remeber of something, because i walk past this wall like a 1000 times every day so it works pretty well. ^^

BTW: Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures from this project, the light situation and my phone camera are not the really the best.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable anyways. If there are any questions left, just leave me a comment.

Have a nice days fellas. :)

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