Quick and Easy Couscous Recipes

I love couscous, and i have learned how to cook it quickly and easily. this instructable will hpefully allow novices to learn about this wonderful ingredient.

Step 1: Basic Principles

Cous Cous can be cooked many ways, and a search for recipes will turn up many ideas. For me, however, the simplist way to cook it as a side dish is to cover it in boiling water, leave it to stand and season to taste.
my other favourite method is 'cous cous in-a-mug' where you follow the same principle in a mug, but add other things to it to make in a main.

Step 2: What to Add...

To make cous cous into a main dish or mug snack, you can add almost any ingredient you want:
-adding a cup-a-soup, or stock cube can make for a more interesting side
-adding tinned tuna, cooked meats (eg. chicken chunks), bacon bits or mushrooms adds protein, and makes it more filling
-adding your favourite cooked veggies (eg. tinned sweetcorn or peppers)
-and everything is better with cheese (an especially good binder for cous cous stuffed peppers.
-or adding chorizo, cooked prawns, cooked chicken and veggies (and seasoning, of course) allows you to cook a paella (type) dish in well under 30 mins.

any combination of these allows you to make fast, cheap and filling meals easily

Step 3: Thanks for Reading.

this is my first cooking instructable, and i hope you enjoyed it.
I improvise a lot an seldom use recipes, so sorry for thwe lack of exact quantities.This is a common building block for many meals that i cook as it is so quick and simple that i still have time for homework in the evenings. I started cooking aged 12 when my Mum died and have made a hot meal for me and my Dad most nights since.



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    3 years ago

    Nice! Thanks for sharing