Quick and Easy Tablet Stand.


Introduction: Quick and Easy Tablet Stand.

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I wanted to watch a video today on my tablet and needed a stand for it. In the past I had made stands out of file folders to prop up papers for typing. I figured it would be an easy thing to make a stand for a tablet using the same method.

Before going to upload this I looked and discovered there was a similar instructable to this. Since I had already took and edited the pictures I am going to put this Instructable up anyway.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Cardboard box
Pencil, pen or marker


Step 2: Find a Box

Find a cardboard box. We are using a box instead of a straight piece of cardboard because we want the hinge that is created by a lid flap or side. You can use a flat piece of cardboard but then you will have to cut a crease into it so it bends.

Step 3: Cut a Flap and Side

Cut a flap and one side of the box out.

Step 4: Draw Your Pattern

Fold the flap and side in half and draw a pattern like shown in the picture. You are drawing an angled line that has a lip at the bottom. You can make a little bit of a curve at the bottom or top to round off the edges or just draw a simple "L" shape that is titled to the left.

Step 5: Cut Out the Pattern.

Cut the pattern from the last step through both layers of cardboard. When laid flat the stand should look similar to the picture.

Step 6: Clean Up the Edges and Use Your Stand.

Comfortably watch your video, slide shows or presentation.



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    I'm glad you find this useful. I have a wood version of this posted if you want to get fancy.

    .. to stabilize the whole thing, tape the "wings" to a maximum width.