Quick and Effective Splash/dust Protection for X100s

Introduction: Quick and Effective Splash/dust Protection for X100s

This is a quick way to protect your gear (Fuji's X100/s/t) against dust and possible splashes of water (just mind it's not waterproof!)

I think photos will explain everything ;)

I assume you have a lens hood AND any filter (UV, polarizer/anything) on your camera - filter is very important here as X100 series has one major "sealing" flaw: there is a gap on the front of the lens, through which small particles like sand, dust or water can penetrate camera.

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Step 1:

Take off the lens hood and put your camera inside any plastic transparent bag.

Step 2:

Now try to attach lens hood back to your camera. It may be difficult if your bag is too thick - try thinner ;)

Step 3:

Grab a knife and carefully cut out part of the bag covering the lens.

Step 4:

Voila! You're done ;) When I was shooting ColorRun I taped the bottom of the bag, so it was quite well sealed.

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    I built a simple but more durable project that protects the lens glass too :-)