Quick Bias Lighting Rig


Introduction: Quick Bias Lighting Rig

Bias lighting for behind computer display/TV.

- scrap of 2x4 approximately as wide as screen (decrease size as distance from screen to lamp increases)
- plain standard light bulb sockets (I used 2)
- light bulb of your choice (I used bright daylight CFL's)
- lamp wire and plug
- screws

Just cut the 2x4, wire up the sockets, and screw them down. Add a switch if you'd like.



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    After a couple hours with this, I realized it's too bright. I removed the second bulb, and now it's great.

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    another idea that would still allow your design to have bulbs on ether end of the display, would be to use lower wattage CFLs.(are those 20w bulbs?) 13w units would probably be great

    True; I happened to have these 5000k's around, and I saw someone recommend daylight. They're actually 27w B)

    :) yeah, i can see those being a bit bright. (i use some 9w T5 units for my 19" display for my PC, pretty much perfect amount of light/distribution).