Quick Button Super Bright LED

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I made this instructable kinda quickly to answer a question in the forums.
It is for a push button LED that can be used for pranks

I used a 9v battery
1 alligator clip that can be replace with a permanent wire when put into the wrist watch for hoax use.
1 led with chip from a cell phone flash. You can use any LED, but you will need to use the correct resistor for your led this is why I used the cell phone flash it already had the resistor I needed in place.
1 9v battery clip for easy storage and connection of the 9v. You could replace with a smaller battery to cut down on bulk. I would just make the wires longer and store the battery in my pocket. be sure it does not get to hot and wrap it in tape so nothing metal shorts it
1 push button

Connect the negative lead from the 9v to the negative lead on the LED
solder the positive lead to the push button
solder another wire to the push buttons second lead.
and that wire to the positive lead of the LED. If using an LED that needs a resistor place that in between this wire and the LED positive lead.

I know this is quick if you have any questions just ask. I will edit this when I can just wanted to answer the question.

Ignore the audio in this video and the part where i put the phone down the alligator clip fell off



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    2 years ago

    YOUR video says " This video is private.'


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Im not sure it would take some experimenting with one to find out. I will test this when i can and let you know!