Quick Button for Mobile Phone

This is a quick button for smart phone which used audio socket.

Step 1: Video Instructions

quick button

Here is a simple method to make a quick or short cut hardware button for mart mobile phones. It uses the mic pin as input pin. Its generally pulled up by a high resistor and used to bias the mic. Here in place of mic we have used a 10K Resistor and a switch. If you press then input will vary from high - low - high . The App reads the mic port and if sees this kind of patter then consider it as a single click and does the necessary action.

In google play store search for “ iKEY” , you will find multiple free app like iKey, KeyCut, Klick, Clicky , headset droid, headset button controller etc. This app can be used to program the short or long press, single or multiple click. It can also be used a FM antenna if not used as mykey. Using mic as input pin many companies has designed swipe card reader too.



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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This could be used on a Android tablet, aswell, right? :) Also, would it be able to do the command when locked?


    3 years ago on Introduction

    have you managed to get round the fact that is disables sound? Its been the bigest problem ive had :/

    2 replies

    I did not get any sound issue. Was able to take calls. even mobie speaker was working. the key was detected as mykey not as headphone.

    Maybe its just my phone then, but if I have anything in the headphone jack, it disables my main speakers and diverts to headphones... :(