Quick, Easy, & Cheap Amplifier for Your Iphone

Introduction: Quick, Easy, & Cheap Amplifier for Your Iphone

When you don't have an iHome or speaker systems this works a great substitute!

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Step 1: Materials

Ruler/ tape measure
Box cutter
Empty toilet paper/paper towel roll
2 solo cups
1 piece of paper

Step 2: Remove Your Phone Case

Step 3: Getting Phone Measurements

Locate your speaker

Measure the length and width of the side of your phone containing the speaker

Write down your measurements on the piece of paper for later

Step 4: Measure Toilet Paper Roll

Locate the center of the toilet paper roll by measuring it’s length and dividing by 2

Using the marker, draw a dot at the center of the toilet paper roll

Step 5: Mark the Width of Your Phone on the Roll

Starting from the dot you just drew, mark a line about half the length of your phone on each side towards the edges of the roll (Right and left of the dot).

Step 6: Cut the Roll

Using the box cutters, start from the center dot and cut outwards to the line you just drew on each side

To make cutting easier, move the box-cutter in a saw-like motion AWAY FROM YOURSELF


Step 7: Make a Full Phone-sized Holder

Make two small cuts perpendicular to the line you just cut (about the width of your phone)

Fold the cardboard back about 90 degrees (be careful not to fold all the way) , creating a “lip” on the toilet paper roll

*This will form the opening that your phone will sit in later on*

Step 8: Mark Hole on Cup for Toilet Paper Roll

Place one cup upside down and position the end of the toilet paper roll to the bottom of the cup
Trace around the toilet paper roll on the cup

Step 9: Cut Out the Hole

Using the box-cutter, cut out the circle that you just traced
(Again it will help to move the box-cutter in a saw-like motion)

*tip: the more accurate your cut is to the size of the toilet paper roll, the louder your music will play*

Step 10: Repeat Steps 6, 7, and 8 to the Other Solo Cup

Step 11: Connect All the Pieces

Insert the ends of the toilet paper roll into the holes at the bottom of the solo cups

Step 12: Place Your Phone Into the “lip” on the Toilet Paper Roll

Step 13: Finale

Select your favorite song

press play


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