Quick Foldable Bedside Table in 3 Steps!

Introduction: Quick Foldable Bedside Table in 3 Steps!

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In this I go over the simple steps in making a foldable bedside table. I came up with the idea when I got fed up of moving my table to and away from my bed, it got in the way a lot.
Things needed; table, 2 strong door hinges, 1 smaller hinge (one used for a cabinet), ruler, long but thin piece of wood (the same length of the height you wish your table to be, acts as leg) and a few common tools.
first step; remove the tables legs and put them to the side. now you can use a leg or two in place of the piece of wood, i used the wood so i could add a shelf/cup holder.
second step; mount the two hinges on one side of the table (see picture) then simply mount the table hinges to a wall, use a ruler to ensure its level.
third step; attaching the leg (long thin piece of wood). first make sure that the leg is the same height as the table. Doing this determines how level the surface of the table will be (if you use a leg or two from the table then it should already be level). To make it perfectly level use a level and a ruler or tape measure. measure the distance from the floor to the table (WHEN LEVEL) then cut the piece of wood according to the distance between the floor and table. Then attach the piece of wood to the table with a small hinge. if you decide to use the legs for the table then you dont have to cut or adjust the wood in anyway, you just attach them to the table using hinges, you would also need to make sure the height of the table matches the length of the legs, easiest way of doing so would be leaving the legs on while attaching the hinges to the wall and table, then remove all legs and keep two but use hinges instead of the screws used to mount the legs to the table. Using the legs is easier but i like the wood piece for the shelf mount.
see that was easy right? If you have any questions feel free to ask! I added a small shelf to mine, it works great as a cup holder when im using my laptop, it eliminates the risk of spilling my drink on my computer and it works great as a small bed side shelf for when I sleep. When the table is folded up against the wall the easiet way to keep it up is by using two hooks and a string rubber band or chain. Hope this was easy and fun! share your feed back please, did anything seem confusing, can i make the steps easier? let me know! :)

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