Quick Loop From Twill Tape.


Introduction: Quick Loop From Twill Tape.

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This is a loop used as an attachment point to material. For example, Attached to the edge of a tarp this could be used as a stake down point. Placed on the end of a towel you could use this to hang the towel from a hook. The picture shows 10 loops being pulled together by Paracord. The picture is of the neck hole of my poncho-towel.

Step 1: Materials

The Material you are attaching the loop to.
Twill tape.
Sewing machine or needle and thread
A second piece of material to prevent fraying

Step 2: Cut Your Twill Tape.

The length of twill that you need is determined by the size of the loop you wish to make and the width of the twill. You will probably need to experiment to determine the length. For the 7/8th inch (2.2mm) twill I used in this example, around 4 inches (10mm) was be sufficient.

Step 3: Fold and Sew.

Fold your twill in half along the width of the material. Next you will sew the center third of the twill together. The sew line will appear to be like a box. I generally sew two vertical lines and a horizontal line where the two ends meet. The horizontal sew line is not very visible in the picture.

Step 4: Overlap the Ends and Sew Together.

Take the two ends of the twill and overlap them. Sew them together in two lines. Create one line close to the loop and the other close to the ends. This step could be skipped, but from my experience I find it easier to sew the loop together before attempting to attach the twill to the material.

Step 5: Attach Loop to Material.

Determine the placement of your loop and attach it to your project. Attach the loop by sewing a square with an X inside of it (as shown in the image).

Step 6: Cover the Twill Ends.

Cover the ends of the twill that can fray with another piece of material. An alternative (and possible better?) method would be to make your twill tape initially longer and then fold it under when you are attaching it to the material. Placing a piece of material over the twill could give your project a cleaner look.

Step 7: Your Loop Is Finished.

Congratulations, you now have an easy way to attach your material to something. 



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