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Introduction: Quick 'n' Easy Heart Print Card

Make a one-of-a-kind Heart Print Card in a matter of minutes using markers, water, brush, scissors and paper. First, use markers to color a heart shape, then cut it out, add water to make the colors run together, place the heart on a folded paper for a one-of-a-kind Heart Print Card!

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Step 1: Color a Heart Shape.

Use waterbased markers to color a heart shape on a piece of white paper. If you don't have markers you can try food coloring but be careful because it stains easily! I used warm colors with this example (reds, yellows, and oranges)--can you tell I'm an art teacher?

Step 2: Fold Heart.

Fold heart so that you can cut it out.

Step 3: Cut Out Heart.

Cut out heart so that both sides are symmetrical. I tell my young students to draw first--start drawing like you're writing the letter "C" and go down to a point! This makes a heart shape!

Step 4: Now You Have a Heart Shape!

Now you have a heart shape and you might want to keep the scrap paper that you cut the heart from for another pattern or stencil. When you're using paper--Be a scrap saver. My students like these little rhymes. Art teachers have fun all the time.

Step 5: Add Water to Turn Marker Into Paint???

Add water to turn the marker into paint--WHAT? Yes, that is right. Waterbased markers can make some beautiful watercolor paintings, in this case a print! Add water gently with a brush to completely cover the heart. I'd put it on a surface you don't care to get stains on--waterbased markers, like food coloring, can stain--even the washable kind!

Step 6: Transfer the Painted Heart to Your Card.

Very carefully pick up the wet painted heart and gently transfer it--paint side down--to your folded paper (card). I'm just using white drawing paper here, but card stock would be a little stronger if you have it. Copy paper would work but it would probably buckle a bit. Lay the heart paint-side down and gently rub with your fingers.

Step 7: Pull a Print.

Gently lift the painted heart to see what kind of print you pull from your one of a kind card. You might want to save the original painted heart for the inside or back of your card--no two are alike!

Step 8: Let the Heart Print Dry.

Let the Heart print dry--usually a few minutes. If you're in a real hurry, you can use a blow dryer or a fan!

Step 9: Now You're Ready to Add Your Own Message!

Now you can add your own message or more decorations!

Step 10: You Can Also Use Your Original Painted Heart Shape!

Here I added the original painted Heart shape on the inside of the card. It would work on the back also. You can even pull another print off of it, but it will be lighter the more you use it.
Have fun creating your own Heart Print Cards!

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    oh god the ideas for this are just rushing through my head, 5 kids school holidays. excellent ! thanks :)


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    Thank you for adding a comment. I'm new to this and think its pretty neat!