Quick 'n Easy Nitro Engine Starter

A simple homemade rc airplane engine starter from household items.

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Step 1: Purpose

The purpose for me making this instructable is the obvious (well maybe i'm just too oblivious) lack of information helping other new "rc_ers" create a cheap starter. Yup that pretty much sums it up.

Step 2: Gathering the Parts

This design is so simple and you must be able to find all these parts laying around the house screaming " give me a new life" or so on. Parts:

-quarter inch bolt
-quick disconnect garden hose male plug
-two garden hose rubber washers
-one clear plastic thingy from under the lid of any pop bottle

Step 3: Assembly

This design is so brilliant thats it`s even intuitive with the set up. (trying not to gloat)
Step1: get a box
Step2: cut a hole in that box
Step3: put your junk...

oops thinking of something else.


insert the bolt through the hole in the quick attatch with the bolt head on the inside and making sure that it is flush or lower in the hole. Add the clear plastic thingy to protect the nose cone from accidentaly rubbing against anything ugly. Then add the two rubber washers et voila, ta piece de resistance et fini.

Step 4: Test Baby! (and Final Thoughts)

Now go and take it for a spin (no pun intended). This worked out pretty well for just parts laying around the house. a few things to note however: if I were you I would first test fit it against your nose cone since this is NOT an one size fits all. You may find with the larger (.45 and up, maybe even some .40) engines that this adapter will like to just slip and make some nice rubber powder for you to brush off after, and you may wish to experiment with different types of rubber-ish based material, such as silicon sealent, gasket maker, etc etc. And make sure that what ever you do, you DON`T get yourself, or even somehow myself in trouble for whatever should happen, as I will not be held liable for any foreseen or unforeseen accidents. Good Luck and fun Flying or airboating or whatever.

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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    The quality of your photos are poor, and you have left out how the plastic bottle cap piece ties into the whole contraption.  Please edit with some details as to how the bolt holds everything together....



    10 years ago on Introduction

    thank you i was just about to fly my plane but i didnt have a starter. never even thought of this.........................................

    Syko Pyromehmikekylee

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    What the hell? Where do I put it, what do I do with the rubber O-rings and the plastic thing, then where do I put it on the car?