Quick N Easy Polymer Clay Reindeer




Introduction: Quick N Easy Polymer Clay Reindeer

For this year's Christmas, I decided to sculpt my own reindeer. I procrastinated too much and finally sat down on 24th to create 4 of these.

Caveat: These are not anatomically correct. They are intended to be funny and cartoonish.

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Step 1: Aluminium Core and Starting Shapes

I made 2 shapes - one sphere and a small tear drop shaped aluminium core.

Then I covered them with thin layer of white Polymer clay and baked them once I had 4 sets. This baking helped me to work worry free on rest of the body

Step 2: Neck and Body Connected

Made a small snake of clay and connected the head to body.

I smoothed out the neck and ensured that neck end is slender and body end is wider.

Once I was satisfied with shape, I bent its neck giving it a curve. This gave me added benefit of folds on neck that look quite nice.

Step 3: Legs, Ears, Antlers and Tail

I added polymer clay legs with slight bump at base to fashion hooves.

Then added antlers, ears and tail to each reindeer. I don't have pictures for this part of process.

Step 4: Final Bake and Painting

Once I was satisfied with shape of the reindeers, I baked them in oven as per clay manufacturer's guidelines.

Once cooled down, I colored the reindeer and for some bling added golden glitter to antlers. I made red noses for them but have not yet glued them.

Step 5: Conclusion

Once all 4 reindeers were painted and finished, I added them to the display with my balsa wood sled and polymer clay Santa.

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