Quick Needle Case

Introduction: Quick Needle Case

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Finally fed up of losing my sewing needles, I made a quick and easy needle case to keep them in - all I have to do now is remember to put them away in it, and not lose the case!

You'll need:

1 rectangle of felt - 3" x 4"
1 rectangle of felt - 2.5" x 3.5"
A large eyed needle
A skein of embroidery thread

The outside of this needlecase is decorated using the techniques in this instructable

Step 1: Lazy Backstitch

Start by folding both pieces in half, and fitting the smaller piece into the crease in the larger one. I drew a line with pencil through the 2 pieces centre lines, so that I could easily line them up.

Tie a small knot in the end of the embroidery thread, and insert the needle into the larger piece, just below the line that the smaller piece joins on - this should hide the knot underneath the smaller piece when the needle case is complete.

Start by doing a simple running stitch down the full length of the piece - insert the needle at the top, and move down the line passing the needle up and down. You can either leave the piece held together with the running stitch, or...

To turn the running stitch into the much more secure back stitch, when you get to the end of the first line, turn the needle around, and go back, filling in the gaps. This isn't a true back stitch, but has very similar qualities, and looks a lot neater when both sides are going to be on display.

To hide the knot at the end, I slid the needle through the stitches between the inside and outside covers, and tied it off between the layers, hiding the knot.

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    I think I need that. Right now I have them scattered all over. This would definatly be an improvement.