Quicker Way to Remove Stuck Sanding Disk Plate on Delta SA446

The Delta Belt and Disc Sander combo is a valuable tool for small projects in the work shop. Over time the belt needs to be replaced. However, to get to it means removing the disk plate. I found, as other users have too, that removing the plate is a little more tricky. I heard that often it is stuck to the spindle even after the set screw had been removed.

Step 1: Peel

1. Remove the sand paper. Remove the set screw through the slot of the disk guard located at the twelve o'clock position. (Refer to instruction manual) There are two threaded holes 1/4 X 20 next to the spindle (black center)

Step 2: Insert and Turn

2. Thread by hand two 1/4 X 20 4 inch bolts through the two threaded holes until they stop.

Step 3: Turn the Bolts

3. Tighten with a wrench the two bolts, alternating each with two to three turns at a time. The bolts are pushing against the metal casing while the plate is slowly being pulled towards you. After a few turns the disc is removed.

Step 4:

The photo show why this works. From the inside, the bolts push against the metal casing while the plate gets pulled out.



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    Thanks for sharing the tip. If I could make one suggestion, I would recommend breaking down the text into multiple steps and having the pictures just on the related steps. This makes it a lot easier for readers to follow along with what you did.