Quickie 3D Printed Power Supply


Introduction: Quickie 3D Printed Power Supply

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I pulled these nice 12V 6A switching power supplies out of old Watchguard firewall boxes on their way to the recycler....

They were so so nice I didn't see a need to box them up. Just a small extension case to hold a meter....

Step 1: A Pair of Calipers and OpenScad Is All You Need.

First print and a perfect fit. Looking down the two holes on top I see the center of the original Phillips screws.

I used a sharpie to mark the new holes in the side for two more screws then I removed the cover to drill them.

Step 2: Assembly

Step 3: Testing It Out

A Jabsco Marine Flood light draws 3 3/4 amps and it stays cool. I'd say this power supply will be around for a while....

Works well on lights and CB radios too!



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