Quick Tip #5: Single Mag Holder As a Knife or Flashlight Holder

Introduction: Quick Tip #5: Single Mag Holder As a Knife or Flashlight Holder

Hi all,

This is more of a quick-tip on re-purposing a Single Magazine Holder for a Knife or Flashlight holder. I wish I could take credit for the discovery but can not, I was turned on to the idea by a neighboring sailboat owner to the one I was working on So thanx goes to Patrick for this one.

His statement on it was as follows:

He had a knife holder with the velcro type cover, but velcro wears out. He went looking for a new knife pouch and discovered his knife fit perfectly in the Safariland 71-2-2 Single Magazine Holder ( primary use is for holding gun magazines).

He states he loves it. It holds his boat knife snugly but not so snug you can't get out your knife.

He was nice enough to get me one as a gift for some help I gave him and his wife, but, I don't have a knife. And ended up giving it to the Captain of the vessel I was working on. But that doesn't mean I didn't want to turn those that here at Instructables onto this really cool idea. So I took some snaps of it in package, out of package and with the Captains Knife in it.

Now - in doing a search I discovered it actually has been discovered by another out on the vast web for just such a purpose, as well, I found out, it can be used for a small flash light. Had I known that, I wouldn't have been so quick to give it to the Captain. I do have a flashlight that it looks like would fit nicely. Oh, well... I'll get another one day. But I've included some stock images showing a couple different knifes as well as a flashlight in it.

Not many steps for this one... you only need one part. The mag holder, and a folding knife or flashlight. So lets get into it.

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Step 1: Step 1: Buy the Single Mag Holder

The one Patrick had and I'm showing is made by Safariland. I've included a snap of it in the package.

A close up of the product label: It's number 71-2-2 This one is black.

They do make one in Tan as well, it's product number is 71-2-55

You'll need a 4 to 5 inch and it may work for a 6 inch folding knife as well. I've only actually seen it used with the 4 inch knife shown and Patricks 5 inch Sailors Knife. You'll have to test it yourself for anything larger or smaller.

I've included a snap of the back of the package as well if you care to take a gander at it.

Cost of the Single Mag holder is approximatly $15.

Folding knife cost... up to you.

Step 2: Step 2: Add Your Knife or Flash Light and Clip It On

This step isn't really a step, I just thought you'd like to take a look at it with some knifes and a flash light.

1st image: Side View with a single blade 4 inch knife.

2nd Image: Top View with a single blade 4 inch knife

3rd image: Stock image with what looks to be a 5inch knife

4th image: Stock image with a Butterfly knife

5th image: Stock image with a flash light

- or is that a silencer...? Hmmmmm...?

Well for this quick-tip its a flash light.

That's it for this quick-tip.

I hope whether on a boat or camping or in survival mode and your looking for a good alternative to a velcro canvas style knife or flash light holder you find this tip useful.

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    Nice to know when items have multiple uses, or can be altered quickly to become something else. Thanks for sharing!