Quiet and Relaxing Town in a Box



Introduction: Quiet and Relaxing Town in a Box

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There's something magical in boxes that make our imagination fly and create beautiful sceneries, kids know this and enjoy playing with boxes for hours. Right when I saw this box in a thrift store I started wondering about that mysterious place and if it was real or came from somebody's imagination. This didn't matter, I wanted to feel I was there, walking in a rocky street in the middle of the night, and so I did.

Step 1: Materials

Metallic tall box

Drill and small drill bit

Spray primer

Black spray paint

Battery operated LED light

Glue gun (optional)

Step 2: Outline

If you have a plain box you can print a landscape you like (a city, a christmas scene or a building you like), cut the silhouettes and use a marker to draw it in your box. Start drilling holes in the outline of your landscape trying to give it as many details as possible. In my landscape there were long windows I also drilled.

Step 3: Stars and Details

Now that all the outline of your building is with holes start drilling holes in the sky. To make it clear that they're stars you have to drill them not so close one of another.

Choose other details of your landscape like this street lantern and drill it.

Step 4: Primer and Paint

Cover your working space with newspaper or an old tablecloth. Apply the primer all over your box and in the lid too. Let it dry and put two layers of black spray paint.

Step 5: LED Light

As this box is very tall I glued my light to the lid to make it shine with more intensity in the sky of my landscape but if your box is not too big you can just put it inside and put the lid on it.

Step 6: Ready!

Transport yourself into that landscape, it's a quiet night and the starry sky makes you marvel with the infinity of the universe.


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