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Quilling has got into my blood again and so I thought to try another project. I searched instructables and found that a couple of quilling techniques were missing! how come?
Well I was happy! I finally have something NEW to teach you ;-D

I thought how best to display these techniques in an object that would display them perfectly also be useful. Hmmm... I thought and searched instructables. WHAT! No cake domes??? could this be? Well I was thrilled. haha.

These techniques I'm going to teach are pretty easy. If you already know it? Wonderful :-)

Step 1: Basic Materials

Basic Materials
Shredded paper - feel free to use all your recycled paper -( heavy weight paper is best for this)
White glue
Quilling paper strips or Colored paper of your choice for flowers and leaves and a hand shredder.
A pin / Needle or quilling tool
Basic regular hair comb

If you do not know the basic shapes of quilling and are a beginner, then I would advise you to first check this and this . Once you master those if you like something different then this instructable. :-)

Now to begin

Step 2: Making the Dome

To make the dome first wrap a bowl with cling wrap and oil it well. Make a mixture of  1 part water to 2 parts glue. Dip shredded paper in to the mixture and drape over the bowl. Cover all areas well doing multiple layers.
Once dry remove dome from bowl and glue net fabric inside the bowl. This is of course optional.
Why do I do it? Well I live in a tropical country and  we have loads of insects. I wanted larger holes in my dome by I also didn't want insects to get to my food!
Now that your basic dome is done, we need to make a knob.
Tightly wrap 4 tight circles about 1.25" in diameter. Shape 2 of the tight circles in to dome shape by pushing it gently in the center and making a dome/ grape roll shape. Add glue so it would retain it's shape.
Glue 2 domes on either side of a flat circle. Now glue this to the remaining circle as shown in pictures.
Now that your knob is done, you may glue it to your dome. Spray paint your dome in a well ventilated area.

Step 3: The Multiple Spiral

I have shown in my previous instructable in how to make a spiral. Well now I will show your how to make multiple strip spirals
Chose colors of your choice. Then stack them together and  glue the edges. Now wrap up all your  strips holding tightly. Once done, let it go. As you may have noticed in the picture the strips don't always part with equal distance. This is because sometimes certain color strips might be a different weight and therefore the way it springs back is different.
Adjust how you want the lines. Then holding the shape glue the end flaps of the strips.
Now you have a single spiral.
To make a double sided spiral, simply roll up the other end.
I will be using this technique to decorate my cake dome.

Step 4: Petal Within Petal Technique

This is a new technique in Paper Quilling. It doesn't require any fancy tools. All you need is a comb!
Slip a strip of paper through a tooth of the comb. Then weave it up and under the next tooth.
Well...I'm stuck in how to explain the next step as you would be confused if I wrote anymore. So please follow the pictures. I have documented most of the necessary steps. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I have made 7 loops on each side.

Once you have followed the pictures and weaved your loops, cut the excess strip that you started the loop from. Then slowly hold all loops in place in the center and remove from the comp. Pinch the edges to make a point. Here you have the option of cutting off the excess or wrapping it around the shape and gluing it down.
I have cut off the excess and wrapped with a light brown about 4 times.

There is that petal adorable? you can also invert and  make the petals fold outwards if you like.

Step 5: Make Your Shapes and Place It!

I didn't use the samples I showed you as the colors looked horrendous against  my domes. In my country we would say it looked  'Majorly G tic!' ;-)
For my bud I made the petal within the petal. The same colors. For my flower petals I used colors of the sunset.
Each 3 colors for 15"+15" + 15"
Each 2 color strip was 15" and 30".
I wasn't particular about the size of each petal as I wanted it to be various sizes. Most petals are not identical in real life too! :-)
So I just rolled and made random sizes even though all the strips were the same length.
For the spirals I went with brown, and shades of darker green.

Once you have done your flowers and spirals...play around with placements on your dome. Once you are happy just glue it down!
Now you have your very own one of a kind 'Quilled Cake Dome!'

Happy?? If yes, Please don't forget to vote for the PaperCraft Contest! I'm like so dreaming of those prizes! lol

NOTE : I'm sure some of you would have noticed that there are many different shapes of fingers. If you are wondering why? It's because all my kids wanted to have there fingers in this instructable! lol.



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    5 years ago

    Not nearly as beautiful as yours. I'm new to quilling. But functional none the less! I'm not crazy about the bronze, but it's what I had. I like the silk leaves. I lined mine with lace scraps. Should be big proof, if not exactly pretty :)

    14, 4:26 PM.jpg
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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! Thanks for uploading :-) You are the first to upload a picture . I'm so happy about it. As an appreciation I'm gifting you a 3 month pro membership :-) . Please check your inbox for the gift code. Activate it soon so that I don't give it away accidently to someone else


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You have inspired me again and one day I will do this. I voted for all 3. I wish you the best!


    2 replies

    5 years ago

    Keep up the good work ...!!! Creative n useful

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you linda :-) . Actually there are a few more techniques...especially to do with a comb