Quilled Christmas Ornament

Introduction: Quilled Christmas Ornament

About: I live in the amazing country of Romania, in Western Europe. I started doing quilling in 2011. Quilling is the art of curling strips of paper. I invite you to see my artworks. I hope you will like them :) Enjo…

This design is very simple yet beautiful. You can use it to decorate the Christmas Tree or the whole house. If you want to decorate the Christmas Tree it will look nice to make white ones, they look very good as snowflakes. But feel free to choose any colors you'd like. In order to create this design follow the steps below. Enjoy and be inspired!

Step 1:

Prepare your strips of paper and slotted tool.

I used 15 golden strips of paper (30 cm long and 5 mm wide)

Step 2:

Use 6 strips of paper to create 6 marquises and 6 strips of paper to create 6 “heart” shapes. If you need help with this visit this page to learn how to create basic quilling shapes (or watch a short video tutorial here). For the heart shapes, create a teardrop shape then press inwardly on the rounded part to give it a heart shape.

Step 3:

Cut 3 strips of paper (30 cm long) in half and you will have 6 shorted strips of paper that you will use to create 6 tight circles.

Glue the quilling elements together as you see in the picture above.

Use some thin thread and makea knot on the ornament to help you hang it.

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