Quilled Earrings (Jhumkas)





Here are a few earrings I made using the quilling technique.

Materials required:

1. Quilling strips

2. Quilling needle

3. Quilling mould

4. Fevicol or liquid glue

5. Jewellery findings - bead caps, head pins, earring hooks, beads

6. Tools - pliers and cutter

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Step 1: Plan the Colors, Size

Choose the colors for the combination you want to make the earrings for. I've chosen the above combinations in 5mm quilling strips. Depending on the thickness of the strips and the size of the earring you want, choose the number of strips. Here I've used 5 strips in total since I wanted it neither too big nor too small.

Step 2: Make a Long Strip

Join the strips together by gluing the ends and forming a long single strip.

Step 3: Coil

Roll it using the quilling needle to make a tight coil - neither too tight, nor too loose. Glue the end to finish the circle base.

Step 4: Dome!

Using the quilling mould, shape the circle into a dome. Smoothen it gently, the shape would be perfect if the coil is neither too tight nor too loose, as it spreads evenly.

Step 5: Glue the Dome

Once the shape is ready, apply a coat of glue on the inside of the dome and leave it to dry. This sets the shape of the jhumka.

Step 6:

Attach a headpin to the jhumka from the inner side of the dome. Add your favorite bead cap and beads. Using the cutter, trim off the excess headpin and shape the pin into a loop using the pliers. If you are making a hanging jhumka, run the earring hook into the headpin before making the loop. If you are using a stud for the top, the loop can be added to the stem of the stud. I've also glued a string of golden beads to the base of the jhumka.

Step 7:

Once the jhumka is complete, waterproof it by using a coat of glue and then a coat of mod podge. Using mod podge makes the earring sturdy and also adds shine to the product.

Make matching earrings for your outfit :)

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    3 years ago

    Love the kurti shades and u gave me an amazing idea for my eid dress

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    My oh my! These are colourful. I like that you've made them match the also very colourful outfits. I had to google "jhumka" - they remind me of chandeliers :)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you so much :) Jhumka is an Indian name for these kind of earrings :)